Florian Peschka


B. Eng. since 2012, Nerd since 1999


Whatever path brought you here, feel free to browse.

I occasionally put stuff on here related to my work, my life or things that interest me. It is not a blog nor a portfolio. Just a page for anything I decide to put there.

I’m open to talk about almost anything, so just contact me and we can have a chat.


This is a non-exhaustive list of anything I know. It’s rated by my own feeling of competency, and by no means an objective rating of my skill level. I’ll put anything on here that I worked with over the years, and move them about depending on how comfortable I feel with them.

So, without further ado, here are: Things that I …

… am decent with

HTML CSS PHP JavaScript MySQL C# Visual Studio Java Apache Eclipse git NodeJS TortoiseGIT Bitbucket

… know a bit about

MSSQL React Linux Netbeans PHPStorm SASS Windows Server Azure JIRA

… recently started and want to improve

webpack parcel Docker

… am familiar but not confident with

Python Ansible Vagrant

… would rather not touch

VBA MKS Integrity